US Trade

Discusses calls for protectionism, tariffs, world trade balance, president-congress struggles, currency valuation, government interference in free market and barriers to fair trade.

Business partners are not a new phenomenon. However, take into consideration the names of these partaners when it comes to world trade: The United States, West Germany, France, Canada, Japan, and Great Britain. Taken together these world trade partners are responsible for the flow of imports and exports into and out of their countries. This research will focus on some of the ways in which these partners deal with each other, in terms of recent problems, deals, negotiations, and goals. As well, there is a threatening economic gloom over most of the world trade market. The United States is hampered by a huge trade deficit, or excess of imports. Canada, Japan, and West Germany are severely plagued by a lack of employment, even though for Japan there exists a huge trade surplus. This research will also discuss some of the problems causing difficulty for unilateral (…)

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