Managing Stress in the Workplace

Examines the management of workers’ stress, using the 14 points concept of Dr. W.E. Deming.

This paper begins by outlining the 14 points presented by American, Dr. W.E. Deming, who created a concept to establish a basis for an organization to develop greater efficiency, higher profits, and increased productivity. The paper then elaborates on Deming’s ‘Theory of Profound Knowledge’, which expands the views and understanding of the individual and interdependent elements that go into building up the company. The paper examines issues both within and outside of the organization, which cause stress among workers. It also shows how the adoption of an efficient quality control program within an organization will eventually lead to happier and more productive employees.
“The method of dealing with such stress requires an understanding of psychology with a group and on an individual level. The stressful elements of production quotas and slogans should be removed as they only end up creating a divide among the workers. The entire company should be formed into a large team, with smaller teams, and with all having the same, final objectives. The internal competitions between the departments often lead to unnecessary competitiveness. The profit share of the workers should be given as teams and not as individuals. There should be an elimination of fear, envy, anger and revenge from the place of work.”

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