India’s Economic Performance

Explains India’s economic performance by taking an in depth look at the economic, political and social change that has taken place within India during the postwar years.

This comprehensive study is aimed at the major economic, political, cultural and social changes and crises that have taken place within India during the period in question and it will attempt to assess the extent to which these factors have shaped the country’s economic performance. Included in this analysis will be an assessment of economic development and social change, the economic and political aspects of agricultural change, as well as political change, political structure and the functioning of government. Attention will also be directed towards the caste conflict and language differences as well as the extent to which they have had an impact on the level of economic development that India has been able to achieve and the nature of this development. The main hypothesis that will be tested in this study will be the following: while India has achieved relatively significant economic advances during recent years, especially in light of the country’s status as a Third World nation, these advances have been limited.

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