The CIA and the Cuban Missile Crisis

A look at the various arguments concerning the exact nature of the Cuban missile crisis and how close the world came to nuclear war including the argument that states that the CIA was deeply involved in these events and perhaps even contributed to the cri

In an article that was published less than three years after the Cuban Missile Crisis of October, 1962, Roberta Wohlstetter comments at length upon the role that intelligence played in the international incident. Specifically, she floats the idea that the U.S. intelligence establishment knew about the missiles long before they chose to act on them. For example, she mentions U.S. Senator Kenneth Barnard Keating and how he asserted in August of 1962 that he had reliable evidence of cylindrical objects being transported by flatbed in Cuba, as well as evidence of Soviet motor convoys. Still, despite Senator Keating’s public proclamations, the dramatic (and conspicuous) arms build-up in the fall of 1962 seemed to catch U.S. leaders – both military and civilian – by surprise when it became evident that some sort of decisive action was needed.

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