Drugs and Cancer Patients

A look at the use, positive and negative effects of traditional and non-traditional (heroin and marijuana) drugs on the terminally ill.

Controlled Substances for Cancer Patients

There are mixed views in research concerning the use of controlled substances (marijuana, heroin, and other hallucinogens) in the treatment of terminally ill cancer patients. The purpose of this paper is to present a general discussion of the use of drugs in the area of pain control for cancer patients and, in particular, the use of marijuana and heroin for relief in the terminally ill.

In general, drugs are used in the final stages of cancer to treat pain and to ameliorate other symptoms that may occur in cancer patients. Common analgesics available currently in the care of cancer patients are Pethidine, Buprenorphine, morphine, methadone, codeine, and dextropropoxypheae, all legal drugs in…

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