Therapies for the Terminally Ill

A look at treatment theories and strategies for the dying including stages of dying, hospices, psychodynamics, logotherapy, play therapy, group therapy and art therapy.

Barocas, Reichman and Schwebel (1983) have reported that:
Today there is a new openness about death–and indeed a new interest . . . books appear with titles such as . . . Your Dying . . . Terminal patients and their families are interviewed on television. Celebrities give candid details about how their malignancies affect their lives. (p.436)

This new openness to death and dying has served as a foundation to both increased research in the area as well as to the development of a number of treatment strategies for dealing with death and dying in terminally ill populations. This paper examines a sampling of the over 350 publications that comprise the current literature on therapeutic intervention for the terminally ill. The emphasis in the reviewed material is upon…

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