Florida Economics

A look at the revenue structure, problems and causes, lottery, taxation and outlook.

Florida is a state with jammed highways, polluted natural resources, struggling schools, poorly paid teachers, teeming jails, neglected children, needy senior citizens, inadequate health care, a shortage of affordable housing and a declining quality of life (Reier, 1988, p. S28). This was the stinging conclusion of the Final Report of the State Comprehensive Plan Committee in 1987.

Despite this, only three other states (Alaska, Arizona and Nevada) posted higher population growth rates during the 1980s (Seelig, 1990, p. 90). Growth is the term used most often to explain Florida’s economy, and growth did, in fact, characterize the economy during the 1980s.

Florida is the nation’s fourth most populous state, with more than 12 million people (Willson, 1991, p. 49). It is one of…

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